What is Mindshare?

The result of over a decade of extensive academic research, Mindshare is the proven methodology underpinning PartnerScore. This adaptable model provides a definitive means of measuring the health of partner relationships – key to the success of channels-based businesses. As a diagnostic tool, Mindshare offers a completely unique insight into the behavioral characteristics that dictate the longevity and performance of partnerships, and gives businesses the opportunity for informed, highly targeted improvement.

Two head silhouettes back to back made up of puzzle pieces
Vendor silhouette with key health markers drawing lines to partner silhouette

Why Mindshare Works.

Having examined over 10,000 partnerships across multiple geographies the Mindshare model has proven to be an effective business tool. By mapping 7 key behavioral markers (such as trust, commitment and conflict) the methodology is able to give significant insight into the strength and quality of relationships at play within a business – key factors in determining the success or failure of the ongoing partnership.

The Health Markers.

To draw up an accurate diagnosis of behavioral health within partnerships, Mindshare assesses Health Markers. Each gives an indication of the strength and quality of the relationships at play within a business, and can help to highlight the path to a more effective, vigorous partner ecosystem.


How effectively are normal business disagreements between vendor and partner resolved?

Trust (Mutual Interest)

How active and effective is the vendor in supporting the partner’s development of their business?

Trust (Credibility)

When the vendor commits to activities with the partner, does the vendor support and execute them as planned?

Social Bonding

How positive is the relationship between the Vendor’s account manager and the partner?


How accurate and timely is the product and services information provided by the vendor to the partner?


Does the quality of engagement between vendor and partner enable successful planning, and deliver strong operational performance?


How important is the vendor’s business (products, services and brand) to the long-term success of the partner’s company?

3 gauges showing with different values demonstrating poor, average and good partner health

The HealthScore.

Mindshare is clearly communicated as a single diagnostic score. This falls along the HealthScore, giving internal clarity and providing a starting point for measurable progression as improvements are implemented.

  • A single, meaningful measure
  • Monitor the impact of your actions
  • Trackable over time
  • Direct correlation between HealthScore and performance

The Performance S Curve.

The beneficial impact of an increased HealthScore falls along a S Curve. Just as a top athlete needs to balance improved fitness with the risk of overtraining, PartnerScore can help you to achieve peak performance, getting your partner relationships into the most advantageous and productive zone, and bringing the optimal return on your investments.

Graph demonstrating Performance S Curve

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