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Get total clarity on the health of your channel relationships.

Backed by more than a decade of academic research, PartnerScore provides a definitive, diagnostic window into the health of your partner relationships.

The HealthScore provides a single numerical relationship measure, enabling informed change and stronger, more resilient partnerships.

3 gauges showing with different values demonstrating poor, average and good partner health


How effectively are normal business disagreements between vendor and partner resolved?

Trust (Mutual Interest)

How active and effective is the vendor in supporting the partner’s development of their business?

Trust (Credibility)

When the vendor commits to activities with the partner, does the vendor support and execute them as planned?

Social Bonding

How positive is the relationship between the vendor’s account manager and the partner?


How accurate and timely is the product and services information provided by the vendor to the partner?


Does the quality of engagement between vendor and partner enable successful planning, and deliver strong operational performance?


How important is the vendor’s business (products, services and brand) to the long-term success of the partner’s company?

Manage partners more effectively via
7 Health Markers.

PartnerScore leverages the power of Mindshare. This adaptable and proven methodology examines 7 key Health Markers to show you the underlying state of your business channels. Just as top athletes monitor factors that predict their success (resting heart rate, recovery time etc), gain a holistic overview of your individual partners and wider business, and bring your full team up to peak “match fitness.”

Boost Business Performance

PartnerScore provides answers to challenges and results that you and your team have been at a loss to fully understand before. From inconsistent partner performance from common programs and incentives, to uncertainty about future commitment and loyalty, PartnerScore can reveal the underlying behavioral factors at play, allowing you to take effective, focused action to boost business performance.

Rocket illustration with 3 portholes as gauges showing positive relationship scores
Line graph showing revenue performance increase with HealthScore gauges

Predict and protect your future revenue performance.

From increased efficiency to better prioritised action planning, the benefits of the understanding PartnerScore provides are numerous. Various business performance measures can be combined and assessed alongside HealthScore and the Health Markers. For example, by combining revenue and relationship performance, you can highlight future revenue risks right down to partner level – and take proactive steps to improve your financial results.

Enjoy clear, diagnostic data that can drive real change.

The PartnerScore dashboard is intuitive and flexible. Allow different people in your business to choose the channel view that matters to them, select configurable views for channel types, geographic areas, channel managers or individual partners. Hold reviews using common data, and ensure common performance metrics and goals. Spend your time resolving issues, as opposed to just trying to define, track and understand them.

Illustration of European map highlighting different countries health (red, amber and green)

Typical challenges we resolve

“I worry my account managers shield me from what partners really think.”

Regional Indirect Channel Leadership

“I want to know how best I can deploy resources between direct and indirect GTM models.”

Region Executive Leadership

“I’m not sure how our partners truly feel about the way our business currently operates.”

Global Indirect Channel Leadership

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