Our mission.

PartnerScore condenses years of diligent discovery and process refinement into one intuitive, powerful interface.

We make the combined power of broad B2B relationship research and academic rigour accessible to the channel business community. PartnerScore reveals a unique set of insights to organisations enabling them to drive targeted, proactive performance improvements.

Meet our leadership team.

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Ian Bamford


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Peter Ward


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David Ward

Chief Product Officer

How it all started


Dr Richard Gibbs completes the PhD that the Mindshare methodology – the engine underpinning PartnerScore – would one day be developed around.


Ian Bamford and Richard Gibbs join forces to form Rootsquared, a consulting company with a difference. They apply the power of Mindshare to the principles of channels-based business, and spend several successful years working closely with Oracle and other leading IT corporations.


The financial crash hits, impacting the priorities and focus of many businesses. Rootsquared takes a temporary hiatus.


With the Economy back on its feet, Rootsquared reforms and welcomes Peter Ward as CEO. Peter brings the experience of successful career leading multinational channel businesses and successfully deploying Mindshare to drive change and business improvements. Rootsquared resumes its offer of insightful consultancy underpinned by proven academic methodologies.


Rootsquared start to move away from a consultancy model, and towards the creation and delivery of a SaaS-based offering; PartnerScore. The software undergoes soft launch in 2019.


PartnerScore goes live! Businesses finally have instant access to definitive, diagnostic understanding of the health of their partner relationships.

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