Continually collect data to build HealthScore.

PartnerScore is powered by the Mindshare methodology. By conducting regular partner health checks across your channels, Mindshare gathers pertinent information linked to 7 health markers. This rolling process keeps a finger on the pulse of your partner relationships, reflecting real time changes in your HealthScore.

Phone, laptop and computer illustration demonstrating data collection
Screenshot of PartnerScore dashboard demonstrating the Health Markers Detail screen

Data analysis and diagnostic dashboarding.

Sophisticated statistical analysis maps partner data to the 7 health markers, giving a clear diagnostic score for each. Presented within a user-friendly and configurable dashboard, see at a glance the areas in which you’re over and underperforming, and how this is impacting your overall HealthScore – a direct predictor of channel-based business performance.

Build an actionable plan.

Benefit from the clarity that comes with deep understanding of partner behavior, and take tangible action towards progressive improvement. Align your organisation around common data, and structure ongoing reviews around shared performance metrics and goals. Leverage the years of practical experience behind PartnerScore.

4 check lists for different departments/positions; Marketing, Channel Operations, Account Managers and Country Manager
Two line graphs for Q1 and Q2 showing improved MBI markers

Continuous inputs ensure ongoing course correction.

By translating complex behavioural factors into clear, numerical scores across an intuitive dashboard, PartnerScore gives you the ability to monitor the impact of your remedial actions. Easily track changes in your HealthScore, as you bring your business into the peak partnership performance zone, and keep it there.

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